Science Day 2021

Science Day at the Capitol

March 2nd-4th, 2021. 10:00AM – 3:00PM Daily

Are you an early career scientist interested in the broader impacts of your work? Do you want to contribute beyond the scientific community?

While excited to engage in science policy, most early career scientists are not sure how to start. With our Virtual Science Day at the Capitol, we are providing early career scientists with an introduction to science policy advocacy through their local lawmakers. We also provide our Arizona Congressional Representatives the opportunity to ask honest questions and learn about how advances in science affect their constituents directly.

This event is online, and it is our hope that this format will encourage attendees from across Arizona, who otherwise might not be able to join us at the state capitol, to take part in our program of outreach and education.

What You’ll Learn:

– How to get involved in state government
– What science lawmakers are interested in and why
– How to write for policy wonks and for the public
– What local policy and community leaders are doing in your area

Science Day 2020

Schedule and Topics

Mornings – Open Discussion Topics




  • COVID-19
  • Extreme Heat & Health

  • Natural Climate Change Solutions
  • Infrastructure and Public Spaces
  • Biotechnology
  • Science and Technology Education
  • Healthy Soils
  • Waste Management

Topic Info Sheets

Afternoons – Educational Webinars and Events

Effective Memo and Op-Ed Crafting

Communicating with Legislators

Basics of AZ State Government

Lessons Learned From Past Actions 

Ask a Lawmaker: A Q&A Panel with Arizona State Legislator

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