Video and Audio Resources

Below are educational webinars and Q&A sessions from AZSPN events. These are available for the education of anyone interested in applying their scientific backgrounds towards public policy, or public engagement in general!

Introduction to Arizona Government

This webinar from our 2021 Science Day event covers an introduction to local government, including why you should care, how AZ differs from the federal government, and ways to get involved beyond voting.

Supplementary Slides

Introduction to Memo and Op-Ed Writing

This webinar from our 2021 Science Day event describes the high-level though process behind starting to write a policy memo or op-ed, as well as the differences between them and why you might chose to do one or the other.

Supplementary Slides


Drafting a Memo Workshop

Figuring out how to even start on a policy memo or op-ed can be difficult. In this example workshop with members, we go through some simple steps to turn your passion or interest into a focused topic or ask that you can use to advocate with.

Advocacy Q&A

Getting started in Science Policy and Advocacy can seem daunting at first, but in this Q&A with advocacy group leaders we try to answer some of the questions that newly interested people might have. (ft. the Sierra Club and ASPN)

AZ Lawmaker Panel on Scientist Involvement

Lawmakers from the Arizona House and Senate share their experiences and perspectives on how they incorporate scientific advice into their decision making.

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