Arizona Science Policy Network’s goal is to build up scientists and engineers into leaders in science activism in our community and in policy. We want our members’ skills and expertise to be used to advocate for values-driven science and help lawmakers, local community leaders, and other decision makers make fact-based decisions to help Arizona’s communities.

Our Mission

Our Values


  • As an organization we value the power of truth and the ability of question-asking to reveal the truths within our society. The scientific method is just one of the ways to reveal such truths, and as a method many of us have specialized in we aim to use it well.


  • Historically, science has just as often been used to excuse or validate atrocities and injustice. Recognizing this history and the role scientists have played is important for us to prevent ourselves from doing the same. We aim to use our understanding of this history to prevent its repetition and tear down its legacy. We do this by building relationships with community leaders and organizations to ensure that their needs are met and that we continue to fight for justice. 


  • We focus both within our organization and in our outreach to ensure that our activities and how we conduct ourselves lifts people of all backgrounds and abilities up. We ensure that our work does not exclude and create a space for all to participate. 


  • We recognize that behind the metrics and data collected there exists real people, places, and environments. Our reasons for acting as good and just people spring from a desire to be kind and compassionate to these individuals. 


  • We believe in equal and equitable representation of the people. We also ensure that our work and mission is influenced by everyone involved, not just leadership. 

Environmental Health and Justice

  • It is our duty to preserve its beauty and diversity for us and future generations. These efforts must acknowledge and correct environmental racism, which has both placed environmental harms in poor and minoritized communities and ignored Black, indigenous, and people of color voices in the environmental justice movement.

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