The Arizona Science Policy Network (AZSPN) is an inter-university collaboration between Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. AZSPN seeks to empower early-career scientists to engage in policy advocacy and to prepare them to integrate these skills into their careers.

Through AZSPN, all members will engage in policy work, both within and outside of their comfort zone. They will also develop a concrete understanding of the process of policymaking, think critically about the role scientists should play in shaping policy, and know what tools are at their disposal to make the change they want to see.

Upcoming Events

We generally meet monthly on the first Wednesday of the month in LSA 335, or at this zoom link: The most recent emails sent to our listserv can be found here, which will contain our most up-to-date event information. You can also subscribe to the AZSPN Google Calendar for an updated schedule of events!

NEXT WEEK: December 1st, 4-5pm – Discussing Science Day Pitches
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December 8th, 4-5pm – Writing Science Day Pitches
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January 12th, 6-8pm – Practicing Science Day Pitches, and AZSPN Chipotle Fundraiser!
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Mid-February – early March: Science Day! See the Science Day page for more details.

Please sign up for our mailing list to keep up to date of our most recent events calendar!

Executive Board

Erin Murphy, Co-Chair.
Erin has been a member of AzSPN for two and a half years and now serves as a Co-Chair of the organization. As a member of AzSPN, she had the opportunity to write op-eds, publish a policy memo, meet with legislators, and participate in community activism, all while learning about connecting science and policy. As a chair, she hopes to provide members of AzSPN the opportunity and confidence to engage at the nexus of science and policy by developing partnerships with other organizations and promoting participation in a variety of events and projects. 
Danny Jackson, Director of Communications.
Danny is a 3rd year Evolutionary Biology PhD Candidate and has worked on many science communications projects before joining AZSPN. Danny hopes to integrate AZSPN into the broader community of Arizona policy ecosystem and to create more opportunities for graduate science students to engage in policy work. They currently co-lead the Climate Change Campaign.
Vacant, Director of Science Day
Levi Helm, Co-Chair.
Levi is a 4th year PhD candidate in the School of Life Sciences at ASU. His research investigates how well-intentioned environmental interventions can have unintended consequences. As a member of AzSPN, Levi has written op-eds, worked with state legislators, and fostered relationships with federal legislators on issues pertaining to science policy. As a chair, Levi is passionate about considering the place of science in policy, and thinking critically about what it means to make good policy.
Vacant, Director of Memberships
John Malloy, Director of Treasury.
John is a 4th year PhD Candidate in the School of Earth and Space Exploration working to predict the makeup of alien biochemistry. He is interested in encouraging scientists to use their knowledge to affect policy changes in Arizona and beyond.
Vacant, Director of Partnerships